Sunday, December 28, 2014

Preliminary 2015 Calendar, Officer & Trustee Vacancies

A preliminary calendar for 2015 has been posted on the club's website.

Approximately 20 dates, mostly from Jan. 8-Mar. 12 & Sep. 10-Nov. 19, have been left open. If there are certain events that you'd like the club to run, mention them to President-Elect Bob Sherry, who takes the reins on January 1st, & the other officers.

Speaking about officers, aside from Mike Goeller being nominated and seconded for the Webmaster position, there has been little progress toward filling the 4 vacancies. At the December 18th Business Meeting, a Secretary was elected but I still have not heard if he is willing to serve.

With the email meeting not really working, I strongly suggest that business discussions be re-opened when club meets in person on January 8th. The time control for the Club Championship needs to be confirmed, too.

Well, my time as KCC Prez is nearing a close. I'm not sure how often I'll be attending the club this winter, but I hope to keep (err.. make that resume) playing for our GSCL team and enter the Club Ch. in the spring.

John Moldovan

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