Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kenilworth CC Facebook Group

We have created a Facebook page for the club, added 26 members to it & invited a few more people.

Geoff McAuliffe, Joe Renna & John Moldovan have been named Administrators.
Others may be added later.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays

The Kenilworth Chess Club wishes its members and friends the happiest of holidays.

We will be closed on Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, January 7, 2016.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Business Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Kenilworth Chess Club's 2015 Business Meeting
(+ addenda/comments by the President-elect in red italics)

Those in attendance included Ziggy Bliznikas, Joseph Dovydaitis, Dan Komunicky, Richard Lewis, Pat Mazzillo, Geoff McAuliffe, Jack McCorkell, John Moldovan, Howard Osterman, Joe Renna, Luis Ruales, Ed Selling, Bob Sherry, Lou Sturniolo, Greg Tomkovich and Jun Tang.

- Officer & Trustee Election Results:

John Moldovan
was elected President.
Joe Renna was re-elected as Vice-President.
Geoff McAuliffe was re-elected as both Treasurer and Tournament Director.
Bob Sherry & Paul Gottlieb were elected as Trustees for terms expiring 12/31/2018 & 12/31/2017, respectively.
It was incorrectly stated (by me: John Moldovan) that Pat Mazzillo's term was expiring. It was actually Greg Tomkovich's term that is expiring. In fairness to Pat, Greg, Bob & Paul, I propose that Greg's term be extended for 1 year & that all 4 serve as trustees for 2016.

There were no nominations for Secretary.
The club will fill this vacancy at a future meeting.
Discussion Re: Webmaster was postponed.
The club will vote for Webmaster at a future meeting. See related point below.

- Future of the club's website:
It was revealed that Michael Goeller is the registrant, administrative contact and technical contact of/for the domain
It was reported that the web-hosting payment is due in mid-January.
Members agreed to have a committee (of all the officers and trustees) meet before mid-January to discuss the future of the website.
Addendum: On 12/19/2015, Brinkster will bill the KCC/Michael $534 for the hosting plan. Payment is due 1/18/2016. The club has assets to cover the cost but the amount is significantly higher ($150) than what we paid in January 2014.

- Financial Report & Dues:

Treasurer McAuliffe reported that with inclusion of a donation to the Kenilworth Recreation Department and re-imbursement for the Holiday Party food/supplies, the club operated at a $30 to $35 loss in 2015.

Members voted to increase Regular dues by $5 & add a $10 "Suggested Donation" provision.

Effective immediately, the annual KCC dues are:
Regular (Adults age 18-64) $20 + $10 "Suggested Donation".
Senior (65+) $10 + $10 "Suggested Donation".
Junior (<18) $10 + $10 "Suggested Donation".

Visitors attending 2 club meetings will be asked to join the club & pay dues.
My interpretation: The above does not apply to meetings where the individual paid entry/admission fees for KCC tournaments/lectures.
Addendum: The Westfield CC will continue honoring KCC memberships in 2016.
- Club Championship:

After a tedious discussion, the attendees agreed to a 2 section, non-rated tournament with a 6-8 player RR of top-rated entrants & a 5-7 round RR or Swiss with the other entrants.

The event will start sometime in March (Dates TBA). After 3 or 4 rounds of play there will be an off-week to make-up postponed games. After the final 3-4 rounds, there would be an additional week to make-up postponements. The cost to join will be dues (1 full year) + $10 entry fee + a $5 anti-forfeit deposit (=$35 for most players). As in recent years, the time-control will be G/75;d5.

- Other Business:
President-elect Moldovan asked V.P. Renna if the Cranford Community Center would be available for special KCC events. The reply was: Yes. 
Addendum: Joe & I will definitely look into this. Not sure if we would run a free/almost free USCF-rated tournament or bring in a GM/IM to do a simul but it could be a wonderful promotional opportunity for our club.

Ziggy Bliznikas mentioned the possibility of the club offering lessons. Moldovan replied that he had been weighing the idea but felt that front room availability would be a problem.
IMO, the lessons would have to be for intermediate-level players or above (absolutely no beginners!) & instructors (such as myself) would, at a minimum, require re-imbursement for class materials. Even if the logistics were not an issue, we'd still have to gauge interest, determine costs, etc. before beginning. If anyone wants to do the leg work, we can proceed. If not, I say: Pass.

Post updated 12/18/2015 @ 11:10 p.m.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Consultation game 12/10/15

In our annual consultation game the team of Mark Kernighan, Paul Gotlieb, Manuel Yunes, Geoff McAuliffe, and Joe Dovedytis played against Bob Sherry, Greg Tomkovich Pat Mazillo, Ed Selling and Anita. The time control was G70 with a 5 second delay. Bob's team had the white pieces. 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 Bb4 4 Qc2 d5 5 e3 0-0 6 Nf3 b6 7 cxd4 exd4 8 Bd3 c5 9 0-0 Nc6 10 Re1 Bb7 11 Bd2 c4 12 Bf5 Bd6 13 e4 Nb4 14 Qb1 dxe4 15 Nxe4 g6 16 Nxf6+ Qxf6 17 Be4 Nd5 18 Bg5 Qh8 19 a3 Rfe8 20 Qd1 Nc3 21 bxc3 Bxe4 22 Nd2 Bd5 23 Qa4 Kg7 24 Nxc4 Rxe1 25 Rxe1 Bxc4 26 Qxc4 Re3 27 Be3 Bxa3 28 Qa4 Qf1 29 Bh6+! Kxh6 30 Rxe8 Qd6 31 g3 a5 32 Qd1 Qc6 33 Qd2+ Kg7 34 Qe3 Bd6 35 Rd8 a4 About this point the white team was down to under a minute on their clock, the remainder of the moves were played at the Demo board with Mark and Bob making the moves, however the Black team which still had plenty of time left was able to go into the other room to consult every couple of moves. 36 Qe8 Qxe8 37 Rxe8 b5 38 Kf1 b4 39 cxb4 Bxb4 40 Ra8 a3 41 Ke2 Kf6 42 Kd3 Ke6 43 f3 h5 44 Kc4 Be7 45 Ra6+ Kd7 46 Kd5 g5 47 Ra7+ Ke8 48 Kc6 f5 d9 d5 g4 50 f4 h4 51 d6 Bd8 52 Rxa3 h3 53 Ra8 1-0 Greg Tomkovich